Tasks Policy Pendragon 2017-2018

  1. Every member who plays competition is able to do referee tasks on the level which he/she plays.
  2. If a member does not have the right referee level, then he/she is obligated to get the right level. Every season there will be a referee course which is organized by the association, participation is obligated. The costs for the course are for the association.
  3. Every member is able to do the tablet tasks, including new members. In the beginning of the season there will be a course organized for the members who do not know how to do table tasks.
  4. while making the schedule for table and referee tasks, there will be as far as possible taken account of matches in which a playing member acts as a bench player. You will not be planned in during matches of your own team. If the schedule is send, you are responsible for your own task. If you can not make it for any reason, you have to find replacement yourself.
  5. The member stays responsible for the task, till (mail or with phone) both parts have let known to the SKP-er that the other person is taking over the task and this also is approved by the SKP-er. This means that when the replacer doesn’t show up, the one who is original had the task still is responsible, unless there was a good communication with the SKP-er. This is to prevent that the SKP-er does not know who to give a sanction.
  6. The SKP-er has a list which says who did which task and keep this in mind for the next schedule. Switching of tasks is approved, if you send a mail on time to the SKP-er. Keep in mind that when a someone takes over your task you will be extra on the next schedule. The reason for this is that we would like to see that everyone did an equal amount of tasks at the end of the season.
  7. No show:
Home Away
First time €20,- Fine that the NBB gives (minimum of 10 euro) and 20 euro
Second time €30,- and 1 match suspension Fine that the NBB gives (minimum of 10 euro) and 30 euro and 1 match suspension
Third time €40,- and final suspension Fine that the NBB gives (minimum of 10 euro) and 40 euro and final suspension

After a fine is imposed due to renunciation of a task, the member may only play matches again once the fine has been paid. Obviously, the task does not lapse. The task must be made up in a new schedule. So a no show does not help to do less tasks.

  1. There is a point system to keep the distribution of tasks as fair as possible. Points are awarded to all tasks within the association. The points are distributed fairly among all members. Board tasks yield many points. In principle, these people are exempt from other tasks, as are coaches. Participating in other committees also yields points, but less. A distinction will also be made between home tasks and referee tasks at other associations.
  2. A member can earn double points if you are asked by the board at the last minute to do a task (crisis task). This means that you have to do a task less than others. The SKP-er clearly indicates when this is the case.
  3. Two times per season there will be a overview in the Flodder, so you can see how many points you have.
  4. With a no show of a member, the team captain will appoint a team member that his / her job has not been done and that the consequence of once again not appearing, is 1 match suspension. This way people can also remind each other about their tasks.
  5. These rules must be clear to anyone who becomes a member of Pendragon. In this way members are not faced with surprises and they know which obligations are involved in playing at Pendragon. These rules will therefore be placed in the 1st Flodder of the season and placed on the site.

Point system

Table task 2 points
Referee at home 3 points
Referee away on BS4 level 5 points
Referee away on BS3 level 5 points
Referee away on  BS2 level 5 points
Board 25 points
Coach 25 points
Assistent coach In consultation with board
Trainer 15 points
IT-committee 10 points
Other committees 5 points