From 1972 to now.

In November 2012 the Tilburg Student Basketball Association Pendragon celebrated their 40-year anniversary. A quick recap:

1972: Leon Ringeling, a student at the time, decided to breath new life into an already existing but hardly successful association. TSBV Pendragon only counted 7 members during their first years, all being trained by Jo Hurkens. A successful combination, Pendragon won two championships in a row and promoted from the third, and lowest, class to the first class.

During the 80’s Pendragon started to grow, and the first ladies team was introduced. At the same time our coveted mixed International Tournament was organized for the first time, a tournament that is still held annually.

Not just our association changed but the sports centre followed, adding a bar to their facility. For a few years, off-court events were valued above the overall quality of basketball. At the end of the 80’s a few members decided it was time to elevate the level of playing, and did exactly that. The Men’s first team were promoted to the next class and were able to maintain this level. In 2005 they made the next step and went from the divisional to the national level. Our association consisted of several Men’s and Ladies’ teams. Currently, we support four Men’s teams, three Ladies’ teams and a beginners/recreational team.

Over the past 35 years certain things haven’t changed a bit, for example our International Tournament and the general ambience present at each one of our organized activities. Playing at a high level has become increasingly important, trying to provide a nice balance between fun and accomplishments in the game of basketball.