Technical Committee (TC)

Last year, we did not have a Technical Committee (TC), but we would like to have one for this year. The TC is created to keep the strategic, tactical and technical policy of TSBV Pendragon. The committee is filled with four or five persons. The TC will regularly gather to brainstorm and evaluate with coaching staff and the Sports Center. Do you think your basketball philosophy will bring Pendragon to the next level? Let us know!



The AA-functionary is supported by the AA-Committee, which consists of three or four persons. The AA-Committee organizes non-basketball related activities with lots of fun. As a committee member you help organize and prepare various activities. The aim is to ensure that the parties run smoothly, that as many members as possible participate and of course that everyone has a great time. Do you like organizing events? Sign up for a place in the AA Commission!



The IT-Committee is responsible for organizing the International Tournament (IT). The IT is an annually returning tournament around May with many internal and external basketball teams. The IT-Committee consists of five or six persons. Within the committee there are different functions: president, treasurer, PR, registrations and food & drinks. The goal of the IT is getting as much participating teams as possible and making sure that the tournament is the perfect combination between basketball and fun. The IT-Committee is one of the most popular committees, so speak up if you are interested in one of the functions!



The Flodder is the ‘newspaper’ of Pendragon and just like in a real newspaper the Flodder needs editors. Mostly, the Flodder has two or three editors who make sure that the Flodder is filled with fun things to read, an activity agenda and ofcourse the famous ‘Did-you-knows?’ (Wist-je-datjes).



The Audit-Committee checks the work of our treasurer two times a year. They have to get a clear picture of the financial status of Pendragon and how this was created. During the first ALV of the season, they report about the accounting and give, if necessary, comments. A spot in the Audit-Committee is a position that fits with economic and financial educations. We still need one more person for this committee, so if you are interested, please let us know!



The PR-functionary is supported by the PR-Committee. As a member of this committee you help organizing various activities, like Pendragon Madness and our old-members day. Besides that, this committee helps recruiting sponsors. The PR-Committee contains two or three members working with our PR-Functionary. Would you like to be part of the business card of Pendragon? The PR-Committee would be your fit!


Do you have any questions or are you interested in one of the above named functions? Please contact our secretary (, or approach one of our board members!