Thank you for your interest in Pendragon!


To become a member of Pendragon, we kindly ask you to fill in the registration forms under the heading ‘Become a member?’.


If you want to join the practices and games, you can become a competition member.
If you want to join the practices and want to enjoy the parties and events organized by Pendragon, you can become a Feestfloddermember (partymember)!
You can also choose to only join the practices without any memberships, in that case you don’t have to register with Pendragon.


The yearly contribution will be determined during the General Meeting. You only pay a contribution to the club if you are playing games or are a Feestfloddermember (partymember). You always need a subscription at the sports center (for more information, click here).

Competitionmembership (costs vary per team: between €120,- and €265,- for a full year, €95,- for half a year). The contribution is determined annually by the general assembly, before the 1st of October, of the season for which the contribution applies.
You can become a member for half a year (Sept. til Jan. or Jan. t/m June) or a full year.

Feestfloddermembership (partymembership) (costs: €15,- per year).
Ideal if you do not want to play games, but would like to enjoy the parties that Pendragon organizes!

It is possible to pay the contribution in two installments.