With SponsorKliks you can make a financial contribution to TSBV Pendragon, for free!

Order a pizza online via Thuisbezorgd and TSBV Pendragon will receive money in the club’s cash register.
Large online stores such as Bol, Coolblue, Booking and Expedia also participate. A percentage of the purchase amount goes to TSBV Pendragon.

Would you also like to sponsor TSBV Pendragon for FREE?
Make sure that from now on your online purchases take place via the SponsorKliks page of TSBV Pendragon. A small effort for you, for us it is direct income.

How does it work?
Very simple. Webshops pay a commission for every order from a customer that comes through SponsorKliks.com.
We deposit 75% of this commission into the bank account of TSBV Pendragon. Whether you for example go directly to bol.com, or you go to the bol.com site via SponsorKliks.com, you pay the same. Only in the latter case will bol.com pay us a commission and TSBV Pendragon will benefit directly from this!

You will remain anonymous
Neither SponsorKliks nor TSBV Pendragon knows who has ordered something, because you do not have to log in. SponsorKliks only knows from which webshop something has been ordered, for which order amount and that the commission is intended for TSBV Pendragon. They know that because you went to the relevant webshop via a click on SponsorKliks. Because KlikSponsor only registers that an order has been placed via SponsorKliks at, for example, bol.com and it is not known who made this order, it is extremely important that you only run the orders you place online via SponsorKliks. A direct order that you place at bol.com will not yield anything to TSBV Pendragon.

Visit the SponsorKliks page of TSBV Pendragon here.